Internet of Things: Policy and Regulation

Course Overview The Internet of Things (IoT) involves connecting devices to the internet across multiple networks to allow them to communicate with humans, applications and each other. IoT is set […]

Competition Policy in the Digital Age

Course Overview Competition in mobile telecommunications is multifaceted and dynamic. Regulatory authorities must be alert to rapid technological changes that impact infrastructure competition. This four-week self-paced course provides a foundation […]

Deploying Open RAN for 5G

Course Overview The Open RAN deployment model adopts a new approach for building the Radio Access Network within 5G but also earlier generations of technology. This two-week self-paced course seeks […]

Spectrum Management for Mobile Telecommunications

Course Overview This four-week, self-paced course considers the history and technical evolution of mobile telecommunications before moving on to cover the core functions of the spectrum manager. Participants will learn […]

API Overview

Course Overview Wireless, wireline and cable service providers are on the cusp of a multitude of network and business transformation choices. A good conceptual understanding of the new networking and […]

Welcome to Security in 5G

Course Overview In an all-digital world, 5G wireless is a key enabler for fundamental transformation for many industry segments. Security is of the utmost importance for successful adoption. This two-week, […]

5G Core Network Overview

Course Overview 5G promises to enable a wide variety of new wireless communications services and capabilities, ranging from high-speed, high-capacity broadband access to extremely reliable low-latency communications to machine-type communications […]

Welcome to 5G Private Networks

Course Overview The availability of licensed, unlicensed, and shared frequency spectrums as well as the capabilities of 5G networks enable the deployment of private networks for many verticals, including industrial […]

Principles of Mobile Privacy and Security

Course Overview The growth of the mobile internet and converged services is creating new challenges related to the use and protection of people’s personal information. The legal landscape is also […]

Welcome to Roaming in 5G Networks

Course Overview Roaming refers to the ability of a mobile device to connect to a visited network and access services while outside its home network coverage area. 5G offers enhanced […]

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