Welcome to Machine Learning

Course Overview In the age of automation and artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, or ML, has become the dominant AI approach. This two-week, self-paced course provides an overview of machine learning […]

Welcome to MIMO and Beamforming in 5G

Course Overview This three-week, self-paced course provides a technical introduction to MIMO and beamforming in 5G. You will learn the role of antennas in wireless communications, the evolution of antenna […]

Welcome to O-RAN and Open RAN

Course Overview This two-week, self-paced course provides a technical introduction to Open RAN in the 5G radio network and describes the role of the O-RAN Alliance in defining the open […]

Introduction to Telecommunications Networks

Course Overview Today’s telecommunications networks are complex mixtures of legacy technologies coupled with the latest generation of both fixed and mobile architectures. This six-week, self-paced course seeks to offer a […]

5G and Transport Networks

Course Overview The introduction of 5G, both in the non-standalone and standalone derivates, has placed an additional burden on the packet transport networks that support the underlying data transfer taking […]

Welcome to Disaggregation in O-RAN

Course Overview This two-week, self-paced course provides insights into how aspects of 5G RAN disaggregation contribute to an open, O-RAN architecture. In this course, you will learn how RAN disaggregation […]

5G and 4G Interworking

Course Overview This four-week, self-paced course seeks to explain how interworking can be supported between 5G and 4G networks, with focus on dual registration as one technique, coupled with N26 […]

2G to 6G Mobile Networks

Course Overview This five-week, self-paced course explores the mobile networks in operation today, and in so doing describes the technologies, services, and markets. Comprising eight modules, this course begins by […]

Welcome to O-RAN: SMO and O-Cloud

Course Overview The O-RAN Alliance specifies service management and orchestration, along with O-RAN-compliant RAN functions and an Open-Cloud or O-Cloud infrastructure. This gives wireless network operators the automation, intelligence, and […]

Welcome to Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC)

Course Overview Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) pushes cloud-computing capabilities closer to the user across multiple access network domains. This two-week, self-paced course provides an overview of the MEC framework, the […]

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Essentials

Course Overview Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing all aspects of the computer industry. The impact of AI has been seen on a number of areas such as speech and image […]

Inter-Operator Tariff (IOT) Discount Negotiation

Amsterdam Spaces Amsterdam Spaces, Vijzelstraat 68-78, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Course Overview Mobile operators need to engage in arduous inter-operator tariff (IOT) negotiations with their roaming partners to secure the best wholesale rates. This two-day, in-person course will give attendees […]

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