Addressing Concerns About Radio Signals and Health
Course Agenda

Session 1

Radio Signals — Sources

  • The mobile revolution
  • The history and context of concerns about radio signals
  • What are electromagnetic fields (EMFs)?
  • Why are people concerned about possible health risks?

Session 2

Radio Signals — Health Research

  • IARC classification framework
  • WHO fact sheets and Q&As on mobile phones and health
  • Compliance zones near to antennas
  • 5G and new wireless technologies
  • 5G EMF compliance testing standards
  • What do we know from existing research?
  • Reliable sources of information

Session 3

Human Exposure Limits

  • International exposure limits for workers and the public:
    • for devices
    • for network antennas
  • Assessment of compliance:
    • for devices
    • for network antennas
  • Choosing measurement equipment

Session 4

Methods of determining compliance with radio frequency (RF) exposure limits

  • Calculating exposure levels and compliance distances
  • Reporting results and public communication
  • Outline of an RF hazards management program
  • Example measurement scenarios

Session 5

Application of EMF Risk Communication Techniques

  • Drivers of risk perception
  • The issue lifecycle
  • Ten principles for risk communication
  • Risk communication in practice

Session 6

Developing RF Safety Policies

  • Harmonisation with international requirements
  • Policy for mobile devices
  • Policy for antenna sites:
    • RF compliance
    • Siting and approvals

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