5G – The Path to the Next Generation
Course Agenda

Session 1

Introducing the 5G Era
• The expectations for the 5G era
• How 5G will develop over the coming years

The Development of Mobile Technology
• The timeline for the development of a new generation of mobile technology
• The lifecycle of a generation of mobile technology

What is 5G?
• GSMA’s vision of the 5G era
• Future services that will be enabled by 5G

4G versus 5G
• How the evolution of 4G will play an integral role in the 5G ecosystem
• How 4G and 5G will coexist

Session 2

The Global Status of 5G and Forecasts for Future Growth
• Current advancements on the road to 5G
• Spectrum allocations around the world
• Forecasts on adoption rates

5G Business Models
• New types of business models that are developing for 5G alongside traditional business models
• How the mobile industry will leverage the enhanced capabilities of 5G to serve new types of customers
• The opportunities presented by the new types of services enabled by 5G

Initial Use Cases: Enhanced Mobile Broadband
• How mobile broadband will evolve under 5G

Initial Use Cases: Fixed Wireless Access
• Why Fixed Wireless Access is relevant in the 5G Era
• How Fixed Wireless Access complements enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB)

Initial Use Cases: Internet of Things (IoT) and Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Communication (URLLC)
• How the enhanced capabilities provided by 5G can be used to create new types of services
• Industry sectors and use cases that can be addressed by 5G

Session 3

Deployment Strategies and Evolution
• Different 5G deployment options
• How use cases drive 5G deployment paths
• Technical considerations in 5G deployment and migration

The Key Technical Enablers
• Network Slicing
• Service-Based Architecture
• Multi-access Edge Computing
• Cloud RAN

The Status of 5G Spectrum Across the Globe
• What bands are targeted for 5G deployment
• Current spectrum allocations
• The GSMA’s view and recommendations

Session 4

5G and RF-EMF
• 5G, new wireless technologies and RF-EMF
• RF-EMF health related research
• Advanced antenna technologies

The Capacity Challenge
• Forecasts on the trajectory of capacity demand
• The three levers mobile operators can use to fulfil demand
• Measures to enhance the economics of the network

2G/3G Rationalisation
• The benefits of 2G/3G network rationalisation
• Best practice approaches to network rationalisation

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