Spectrum Management for Mobile Telecommunications
Course Agenda

Session 1

• What is spectrum?
• How spectrum is allocated to different services
• How cellular technology works
• The evolution of cellular technology– 2G, 3G, 5G and 5G
• The industry’s goals for the 5G era

Session 2

The Macro View: Economic Benefits of Mobile
• The power of mobile and data
• Direct benefits to the economy
• Mobile’s contribution to the broader economy

The Rise of Mobile Data
• Overview of global connections by technology generation
• A look at the rise of mobile broadband and increasing data traffic
• The impact of rising smartphone usage and IoT
• Ways operators can increase network capacity

Session 3

Introducing Spectrum Management
• What is spectrum management and why do we need it?
• Introduction to the different layers of spectrum management

Spectrum for Mobile
• Spectrum harmonisation and the key frequency bands used for mobile communication
• The World Radio Conference (WRC) and contents of the radio regulations explained
The results for each region from the last WRC

Session 4

Spectrum Licensing for Mobile and Policy Considerations
• Licensing regimes that impact mobile access
• An examination of the processes used for licensing spectrum
• Technology neutrality and spectrum refarming
• Licence Renewal and Infrastructure Sharing
Approaches to spectrum assignment

Spectrum Pricing and Encouraging investment
• What’s happening to prices globally?
• Policy mistakes associated with spectrum prices
• National spectrum roadmaps
• License terms and conditions

Spectrum Monitoring
• Monitoring goals and how monitoring is carried out
• Radio frequency cross-border coordination

Session 5

Using the digital dividend to enable mobile broadband
• Making better use of precious sub-1 GHz spectrum
• The benefits of the digital dividend for mobile coverage
• What spectrum is included in the digital dividend?
• The role of different stakeholders in the digital switchover
• Maximising the benefits of the release of the Digital Dividend for society
• Spectrum pricing and the digital dividend

Session 6

Spectrum for backhaul
• Why is backhaul so important?
• Backhaul types: what works best?
• Wireless backhaul licensing approaches
• Projected evolution of macro cell and small cell backhaul
• Evolving backhaul demands worldwide

Session 7

Regulation in a changing mobile landscape
• Spectrum and infrastructure sharing
• The increasing importance of Wi-Fi for mobile
• Unlicensed-centric cellular technology standards
• The right framework for spectrum sharing
Spectrum for IoT
• 3GPP IoT-specific technologies
• Spectrum policy considerations for cellular IoT

Creating the 5G future
• Spectrum ranges used for 5G
• International 5G spectrum planning

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