Principles of Mobile Privacy
Course Agenda

Session 1

Background on Privacy and Data Protection
• The key components of trust in a connected world
• Consumers’ attitudes towards their privacy
• The history of privacy and recent developments
• Key concepts and definitions associated with privacy
• Key principles of data protection law
• Personal data and consent
• Aspects of online and mobile privacy
• Telecommunications laws: privacy asymmetries

Session 2

Security: The Mobile Internet Context
• Security versus privacy
• Requirements for ensuring the security and integrity of networks and services
• The objectives of mobile security
• Key elements of mobile security management

Privacy: The Mobile Internet Context
• Privacy in a connected world
• Mobile privacy context: How data flows globally and is accessed by multiple parties
• How converging services are impacting privacy policy and regulation
• Location and traffic data
• How inconsistencies in regulation are affecting consumers and businesses

Privacy in the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data
• What does IoT mean?
• Big Data – what is it?
• Challenges and opportunities of Big Data

Session 3

Future-Proofing Privacy in Regulation and Policy
• How policymakers across the world are rethinking privacy regulation
• The importance of a risk based approach when considering new privacy rules
• EU regulators lead the way towards strengthening data protection
• Cross-board data flows
• International regulatory co-operation and enforcement
• Efforts to promote data anonymisation and pseudonymisation
• Industry initiatives – addressing privacy, beyond legal compliance

• Applying ‘Privacy by Design’

5G and Privacy
• Smaller cells
• Massive MIMO, beamforming and bouncing
• Network slicing
• Edge computing
• Devices
• Security

Summary and Conclusions
• Course wrap-up

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