Personal Data in the Context of Mobile Networks
Course Agenda

Session 1

Introduction: Trust in the Digital Economy
• How privacy laws are changing
• A virtuous circle delivering consumer value

Session 2

Mobile Network Essentials
• Essential elements of the mobile ecosystem
• Evolution of GSM technology
• Mobile service delivery

Session 3

Personal Data in the Mobile Ecosystem
• Mobile networks and data
• Types of personal data held by mobile operators
• Safeguarding personal data and protecting privacy
• Extraterritoriality of data protection law: GDPR example
• What changes with 5G?

Session 4

Digital Identity
• Identity concepts: formal identity, digital identity and mobile identity
• The formal identity gap
• Closing the identity gap — regulatory enablers

Session 5

Data Analytics
• Insights from mobile big data
• Extracting actionable insights from mobile data
• Case study: Applying mobile data insights to COVID-19

Session 6

The Internet of Things and Connected Cars
• Examples of IoT applications supported by mobile operators
• IoT business models
• Data exchange between connected cars and service providers

Session 7

Cross-Border Data Flows
• The importance of cross-border transfers
• Understanding cross-border restrictions
• Towards a ‘pro-flow’ landscape
• How regional approaches drive consistency

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