Internet of Things
Course Agenda

Session 1

What is IoT?
• A definition of IoT and associated concepts
• Common elements of IoT: network connectivity, data, devices and sensors/actuators
• Mobile IoT: 3GPP standardised technologies
• Internet of Things (IoT) versus Machine-to-Machine (M2M)

Session 2

IoT versus traditional voice and messaging services
• Outline of the key differences between IoT and traditional voice and messaging services
• Key drivers for IoT

Forecasts on the growth of IoT
• Connections forecasts for IoT
• Revenue forecasts for IoT
• Socio-economic benefits of IoT
• Impact of government policies on IoT

Session 3

A high level technology overview of mobile-enabled IoT
• The technology of IoT networks
• IoT value chain and connectivity technologies
• The impact of the global dimension of IoT
• IoT and spectrum

Connected vehicles
• Why connectivity is key to next generation vehicles
• Connected car revenue by use case
• Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X) technology

Session 4

Spectrum, 5G and IoT technologies
• Spectrum for IoT solutions
• The importance of spectrum harmonization
• Comparison of licensed and unlicensed IoT technologies
• IoT under 5G
• Benefits of 5G for IoT

Interactive activities
• Matching IoT applications to technologies

Session 5

Commonly used business models in IoT
• Revenue sharing
• Cost savings sharing
• Product sharing
• Product as a service
• Performance as a product

Session 6

Case studies
• Using IoT to monitor farm water levels
• An IoT home care solution
• Smart city street lighting
• IoT-enabled home alarm system
• Monitoring manufacturing machinery performance

Session 7

Policy and regulatory considerations for IoT
• Policy levers for enabling growth and innovation
• Supporting a flexible regulatory approach to IoT
• Building consumer trust
• Regulatory issues related to numbering
• Taxes and duties
• Switching in the context of IoT
• Policy considerations related to data localisation

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