Welcome to Roaming in 5G Networks

Course Overview Roaming refers to the ability of a mobile device to connect to a visited network and access services while outside its home network coverage area. 5G offers enhanced roaming capabilities, enabling faster and more reliable connections across diverse networks globally. This two-week, self-paced course provides an overview of 5G network roaming, including an […]

Inter-Operator Tariff (IOT) Discount Negotiation

Amsterdam Spaces Amsterdam Spaces, Vijzelstraat 68-78, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Course Overview Mobile operators need to engage in arduous inter-operator tariff (IOT) negotiations with their roaming partners to secure the best wholesale rates. This two-day, in-person course will give attendees the opportunity to learn about the IOT discount models that are currently used depending on business strategies and traffic data. This highly interactive training course […]

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Introduction to Roaming

Course Overview This two-day course will give attendees an introduction to the international roaming industry. On day one attendees will learn what steps they need to follow to establish an effective business relationship with a roaming partner, from signing the roaming agreement to the testing process to the Commercial Launch Letter (CLL). Day two will […]

VoLTE Roaming

Course Overview This two-day course will provide attendees with a full overview of the various aspects involved in launching and managing a VoLTE roaming relationship. Day one will cover the adaptions to the roaming agreement, wholesale and retail charging, and TAP, as well as basic network architecture. Day two will focus on the more technical […]

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