Course Overview

This four-week, self-paced course seeks to explain how interworking can be supported between 5G and 4G networks, with focus on dual registration as one technique, coupled with N26 connectivity as an alternative technique. In so doing, both idle and connected mode mobility will be examined, with analysis of an N26 handover for 5GC to EPC mobility, and vice versa. The course also includes focus on the EPS and RAT fallback mechanisms available for voice, including emergency services fallback.

This course has been created by Mpirical.

Course Objectives

  • Examine the concepts of LTE interworking, including single and dual registration mode.
  • Explain single and dual registration mode mobility, covering 5GC to EPC mobility (dual registration mode), EPC to 5GC mobility (dual registration mode) and mobility with single registration mode supported.
  • Outline the architectural considerations for interworking, with focus on the N26 reference point.
  • Track the idle mode mobility procedures (with N26), including 5GC to EPC mobility, EPC to 5GC mobility and 4G GUTI to 5G-GUTI mapping.
  • Catalogue the key stages of a 5GS to EPS handover (N26 supported).
  • Catalogue the key stages of an EPS to 5GS handover (N26 supported).
  • Summarize the key fallback mechanisms used for 5G voice, including ES fallback.

Who Should Enrol on This Course?

This course has been designed for a technical audience who deal with supporting interworking requirements between the 5G and 4G core networks. Key job roles include core network engineers, system architects, transport network engineers, and voice core engineers.

Course Structure and Study Time

This is a self-paced course and you will gain access to all of its content as soon as you complete your enrolment. We estimate that it should not take you more than one hour of study time per week to complete the course in four weeks. You will have, however, seven weeks from enrolment to complete the course.

Course Completion Certificate

To qualify for a course completion certificate, you will have to view all of the course content and correctly answer at least 80% of the questions in the test of understanding. You will have unlimited attempts to pass the test of understanding. You will also need to fill out the course survey.

Course Fee

The course fee is US$790.

For group registrations, email [email protected].

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