Competition Policy in the Digital Age
Course Agenda

Session 1

Introduction to Competition Policy: The Relationship with Economic Regulation
• Communications markets today
• Why have a ‘Competition Policy’?
• The economic rationale
• Ex-ante and ex-post regulation
• Competition policy within telecoms

Session 2

How Competition Policy Works Today: Key Trends
• Lack of equivalent application
• How OTTs are breaking down the integration between mobile networks and services
• How infrastructures are converging

Session 3

Defining Markets
• Product and geographic markets
• Tools for market definition
• Indirect constraints and multi-sided markets
• Bundling in market definition

Session 4

Assessing Markets
• Measuring market power: market shares
• Implications of the Digital Age on market shares
• Abuses of market power
• Leveraging of market power

Session 5

Efficiencies in Market Assessment
• Embracing dynamic efficiencies
• Types of efficiencies
• Promoting market efficiency
• Consideration of efficiencies in merger cases

Market Structures, Spectrum Assignment and Consolidation
• Market Structures / Consolidation
• Spectrum Assignment — Auctions
• Why spectrum assignment is not enough for vibrant competition
• The relationship between mobile mergers and investment

Session 6

New and Old Bottlenecks
• What are bottleneck assets?
• How are bottlenecks changing?
• Why is the access network a bottleneck?
• Why is spectrum a bottleneck?
• How closed OTTs create a bottleneck within the digital ecosystem

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