Internet of Things: Policy and Regulation

Course Overview The Internet of Things (IoT) involves connecting devices to the internet across multiple networks to allow them to communicate with humans, applications and each other. IoT is set to have a huge impact on our daily lives, helping us to reduce traffic congestion, improve care for the elderly and create smarter homes and […]

Welcome to Non-Terrestrial Networks in 5G

Course Overview In this two-week, self-paced course, you will delve into the world of the non-terrestrial networks (NTNs) designed to extend 5G services over land and sea where traditional coverage falls short. You will explore how NTNs utilize satellite infrastructure as a crucial component of the comprehensive 5G network and gain insights into the capabilities […]

Welcome to 5G Private Networks

Course Overview The availability of licensed, unlicensed, and shared frequency spectrums as well as the capabilities of 5G networks enable the deployment of private networks for many verticals, including industrial automation, healthcare, etc. This two-week self-paced course provides a technical overview of the private network architecture, key technology enablers, and the role of key players […]