Course Overview

This executive training course aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of Generative AI from a leadership perspective. Drawing on IBM’s 2024 book on Generative AI (The CEO’s Guide to Generative AI | IBM) and the latest research findings, attendees will gain insights into the potential applications, opportunities and challenges associated with the integration of Generative AI into their organizations.

Please note that this course is not a technical course on Generative AI and will not cover the architecture or development of Generative AI solutions. Instead, it focuses on the strategic and leadership aspects of leveraging Generative AI for business success.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand the concept of Generative AI and its implications for businesses.
  • Identify potential business opportunities and use cases for Generative AI in telecom and other industries.
  • Explore ethical, legal and regulatory considerations surrounding the adoption of Generative AI.
  • Assess the organizational readiness and factors to consider when integrating Generative AI into business processes.

Who Should Attend This Course?

GSMA members of the following profiles: C-Suite, direct reports of C-Suite, skip level reports of C-Suite.

Course Prerequisites

No prior knowledge, experience or background in AI or Generative AI is required.

Course Location, Date and Times

Location: Latin American city to be confirmed
Date and time: To be confirmed

Course Language

The course will be delivered in English and Spanish.

Course Requirements

Attendees are expected to read some pre-course materials. Reading them should not require more than one hour of study time. These materials will be shared with attendees two weeks before the course date.

Course Fee

The course fee is US$3,200.

For group registrations, email [email protected].

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Duration: 1 day
Start date: To be confirmed
Venue in Latin American city to be confirmed,
$3,200.00 Per Participant

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Anthony Marshall
Senior Research Director of Thought Leadership at the IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV), IBM

Anthony Marshall is Senior Research Director of Thought Leadership at the IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV). Anthony leads a global team of 60 technology and industry experts, statisticians, economists, and analysts. In addition to providing direction to as many as one hundred thought leadership studies annually, Anthony continues to write original content on innovation, digital transformation, artificial intelligence, hybrid cloud, and diversity.



Mojca Cargo
AI for Impact Director, GSMA

Mojca Cargo is the Director of the AI for Impact initiative at the GSMA. As part of this work, Mojca has previously developed together with industry leaders The AI Ethics Playbook and Self-Assessment Questionnaire, and is now focusing on supporting mobile operators in the implementation of responsible AI by design. In addition, Mojca is overseeing AI policy and regulatory engagements globally and supporting operators in the uptake of new AI driven use cases. With previous extensive work in mobile health, Mojca is particularly aware of the importance and need to implement responsible AI by design. Overall, Mojca is driven by finding sustainable and ethical ways to create transforming solutions while leveraging frontier technologies.

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